Advanced protection from advanced nanomaterials

ExoShield is powered by proprietary multi-layer nano-composites sandwiched into a thin, transparent film only slightly thicker than an average human hair. From design to manufacturing, we use only state of art quality nanomaterials and high quality components to manufacture ExoShield exclusively in Canada and USA.

Major Benefits

All-around benefits from a simple, reliable, low-cost investment.

ExoShield is a thin, transparent film applied on the exterior surface of a windshield, using the same skills and tools used for applying window tint. The state-of-art nanomaterials behind ExoShield enable a wide array of benefits for every automotive vehicle and operation type.

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    Cost Savings

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    Driver Safety

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    Eco Friendly


Cost Savings

With ExoShield, you can not only lower your maintenance and fuel costs, but also improve your productivity by keeping vehicles on the road and increase revenue generating activity.

Cut Maintenance Costs

Eliminate your glass repair and replacement costs with a windshield that is times less likely to break with ExoShield protection.

Improve Productivity

Leverage your vehicles for additional revenue generating activities now that they are spending less time in the shop having their windshields serviced.

Tip: Protect your ExoShield

We offer high quality wipers and windshield washer fluid to all of our customers at a fraction of their retail costs to help you better maintain ExoShield. Contact your sales rep or our main line to find out more!


Driver Safety

ExoShield not only protects windshields from damage, but also keeps drivers safer on the road with an unobstructed view and lowers their risk of skin cancer with 99.9% UV rejection.

Improved Visibility

ExoShield reduces snow, ice, and water adhesion by 60% to improve visibility and keep drivers safer during harsh weather conditions.

99.9% UV Rejection

Unlike standard automotive glass that only rejects 60-70% of UV radiation, ExoShield protects drivers by blocking out 99.9% of harmful skin-cancer causing UV rays.


Eco Friendly

Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Every time ExoShield protects your windshield from needing replacement, it prevents 20kg of Greenhouse Gases from being released into our environment.

Lower Landfill Waste

Did you know that windshields take over one million years to decompose? ExoShield helps you lower landfill waste, and when you replace your ExoShield, we’ll help you recycle it!