Protect your windshield, reduce your costs, reward your drivers.


A thin, transparent film applied on the exterior surface of a windshield to augment it with innovative, cost-saving properties.

Three Key Features

Stone Chip Prevention

ExoShield absorbs the impact energy from stones hitting your windshield to prevent stone chips and windshield breakage.

UV Rejection

ExoShield blocks 99.9% of harmful UV radiation to help reduce the risk of skin cancer for drivers and passengers.

Improved Visibility

ExoShield reduces snow, ice, and water adhesion by 60% to improve your visibility and keep you safer in harsh weather conditions.

Major Benefits

All-around benefits from a simple, reliable, low-cost investment. ExoShield offers a wide array of benefits for every automotive vehicle & operation type.


Cost Savings

Fewer windshield repair and replacements

Improved productivity


Driver Safety

Better visiblity during harsh weather conditions

99.9% UV rejection to lower skin cancer risk


Eco Friendly

Lower GHG emissions by reducing windshield demand

Lower glass landfill waste that takes a million years to decompose

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